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Before you take any of the EmploymentCrossing lawsuits or EmploymentCrossing criticism seriously, think twice. Members on the website get access to jobs which haven’t yet caught the attention of the general public since they are hidden away in obscure locations. You wouldn’t be able to find these jobs on any other job board so they are not available to other job seekers.

The problem with public job search services is that everyone is applying for the same, limited jobs so it will be difficult for you to get the attention of a potential employer. Your chances of even getting a job interview are low. Because of the membership fee that is charged on EmploymentCrossing, the services are exclusive and so only the members on the website get to benefit from its incredible job database.

Since EmploymentCrossing cancellation is quite easy you can cancel the services at any point of time you want once you manage to get a great job offer.


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Duane S
I wanted to thank you again for great customer service and such a current job posting environment. I won’t hesitate to share your site with my friends who are struggling with employment challenges. I know I have a job I love!

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